Ten Trendy Drink Spots in Tel Aviv

Before Corona, I started working on this post about trendy drinks in Tel Aviv. Now that we are in lockdown and it sorta seems silly. Who cares right now? We have MANY MANY more important things to be thinking about during this time. While that is true, I also like to be optimistic and think about all the things I want to do when the world is healed. For me, the first thing on that list is to properly go out friends. Especially if it is for a trendy drink.

On the top of my list: go visit my friends and family in Tel Aviv! If that is on your list too, here are some places you could make your first outing.

Here was my introduction to this article pre Corona, it felt cute so I’m not going to delete later:

“We are all ‘doing it for the insta’ right now, am I right? To help you on your mission to become instafamous or at least to make all your friends jealous, I compiled a list of 10 trendy drink spots in Tel Aviv that you should visit.


Tel Aviv is known around the world for its bar scene but I bet you didn’t know that there are equally as cool non-alcoholic drink spots in the city too!

Cafe Levinsky

This is easily the most trendy drink spot in Tel Aviv, so it only makes sense to start here! If you have ever been in Shuk Levinsky, then you have likely seen someone walking down the street with what looks like a garden in a cup. It isn’t a garden but rather fresh Gazoz or Kombucha with tons of herbs and fruit inside.


If you’ve been in Israel for more than a few days, you’ve probably had a thousand ice-cafes from Aroma. Little known fact, they aren’t actually the best in Israel! The greatest frozen coffee slushy I have had was from LoveEAT in Tel Aviv. It’s located in the Florentine area so you can take it to go for a great photo-op with some of the iconic street art of the neighborhood!


Citizen Garden

Looking for the healthiest, trendiest hot drinks around? Check out Citizen Garden just off Nachalat Binyamin. They have a great little back patio which makes you feel like you are off on a Moshav some where and not a few steps from busy Rothschild street. This spicy hot chocolate is a 10/10.

Erez Cold Brew

A personal fave, as anyone who follows me on social media knows (nudge nudge wink wink here’s the link to my insta.) Erez, run by two awesome humans Roni and Matan, is a DELIVERY cold brew company. That’s right, you can literally be sitting on the beach watching the waves and they will bring cold brew to you. It’s pretty much the greatest thing ever and if you use my name, Jazzie, you’ll get 10% off!


Now, for the main event: cocktails!

Tel Aviv is many things and a great place for happy hour is definitely one of them. It’s always a challenge for me to decide where to go because there are so many options out there. In my opinion, these are great spots for grabbing a drink. (I included their happy hour info, don’t you worry!)


Coffee til Cocktails, now that is a motto I can get behind! With all day happy-hour, aka 29 shekel cocktails, it can’t be beat. Their cozy couches plus tons of access to charging ports make it the perfect place for studying, meetings, or a date. 



Easily one of the most unique cocktail menus I have ever seen. Four One Six makes all their own sodas, has a kombucha cocktail, and presents them with beautiful unique garnishes. Their food menu is also 100% vegan and they have live plants covering the walls. Check out my full review of this great bar!

Double Standard 

My favorite nighttime happy hour! Their champagne cocktail gets me every time. Super strong and extremely delicious! Did I mention buy one get one free every night from 6-9?! Follow them on social media to get the inside scoop on special events.



Unlimited. Margaritas. That is right. Sunday through Thursday between 5 and 7 pm, order a main meal and a margarita and you get to drink ENDLESS frozen margs. I recommend getting there early so you can take advantage of deal! They typically have 3 flavors a night and I can pound their coconut margaritas like no one has before. The glasses are huge and the restaurant is colorful, making it the perfect insta backdrop!

They also have a few locations (including a Kosher location) and tons of gluten free options for dinner so its a win-win. (Click here for more TLV gluten free recommendations.)


This is one those bars you go to “for the experience!” Spicehaus is known for their over the top presentation of drinks and really interesting sharing cocktails. These are great for a group of friends going out especially if you’re celebrating. It’s a little pricey so don’t miss happy hour from 6-8:30 and make sure to reserve a spot in advance. 


Alma Beach Bar

BEACH. BAR. Need I say more? Well, whether I do or don’t I am going to. Alma Beach Bar (tbh not even positive that is the name) is on the backside of Manta Ray, a classy Mediterranean restaurant on Alma Beach near Jaffa. On the weekends and in the summer, they open the backside of the restaurant and it becomes a fun little place to grab a frozen drink or AMAZING cauliflower. They also have a half off special in the afternoons from around 1-3 on frozen margs.


Let me know which one of these trendy drinks you’re visiting when you are in Tel Aviv post Corona!


I'm Jazzie, a 20 something wannabe globetrotter with Celiac Disease. Living in Israel and navigating being gluten free is no easy task, so I created TheIsraelBites to provide English speakers with information about surviving Celiac Disease in the Middle East.

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