Six Body Positive Instagramers You Should Be Following!

Six Body Positive Instagramers You Should Be Following!

It is so so so important to curate a social media feed that is going to lift you up rather than bring you down! For me, that involves following inspiring feeds which feature empowering quotes, body positive instagramers, and animals!

Now, more than ever, I think having a positive feed is vital. With much of the world is stuck at home, it is easy to be negatively impacted by social media. Especially if your feed is filled with posts about how we are all going to gain the “Corona 15.”

I don’t know how you feel about it, but personally I think we have more important things to be concerned with than the fact that we may gain a few pounds while on lockdown. To help you stay positive and combat the negativity on your feed, here are some incredible body positive Instagramers that you should be following.

1. Hannah_Neese

I started following Hannah a few months ago when one of her graphics showed up on my discover page. Now, she is easily my favorite account that I follow. Not only are her posts empowering, she also has hilarious stories with her dog and husband. Plus, her southern-ness reminds me of home. Go follow her if you are ready to be inspired!

2. No.Food.Rules

Colleen does an incredible job of combating all of the diet culture that is being shoved down our throats by society. She reminds me that it’s okay to eat unhealthy foods sometimes and that it’s okay to eat healthy alternatives even if I’m not “on a diet.” She also has funny boards like this one that are super relatable.

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🌟SERIOUS QUESTION!👇👇👇 . If we’re not meant to have night time snacks, why is there a light in the fridge?🤷‍♀️Hands up if you AGREE!!! 🙌🏻But actually, that light is so handy, right?! . One of the most common food rules I hear is having set times for eating. ⏰Have your afternoon snack early? 🙅‍♀️No way! Eat past 8pm? 😳Forget about it. And with the whole intermittent fasting thing it’s gotten even worse (🙄that’s a soap box for a whole other day!) . I used to have those timing rules, too. 🙋‍♀️And I was terrified to break them. BUT, those timing rules? They’re not actually helping you and here is why: . ❌They can make us lose our hunger cues all together ❌It can lead to overeating when you finally “allow” yourself food ❌You’ll be distracted from things that actually matter and being present (like at work, with family, etc.) because you’re thinking about food/the next time you can eat . This week on the blog I dove into the age old question: “When is the BEST time to eat?” And, spoiler alert? There isn’t a hard and fast BEST time, but the post will help guide you on making the best choice for you! 😘Head over to the link in my bio to read this latest blog post! Then? Send it to a friend or save it to your Pinterest board- You’ll be praised for answering this question for your BFF!

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3. ChoosingChelsea

I appreciate Chelsea’s feed because she tells it like it is. She doesn’t hold anything back. She not only talks about body positivity but she also shares openly about marriage, being a mother, and more.

4. BodyPosiPanda

Megan is helping us redefine what is “appropriate” for social media. On top of teaching body positivity, she reminds us that posting about our metal health is no attention seeking but brave and should be admired. She is also an advocate for LGBTQ rights, proper treatment for eating disorders and more.

5. Celeste Barber

Celeste has taken the internet by storm with her recreations of photos by models. She shows us that it’s okay if you don’t look perfect, you can AND SHOULD still post the photo. 10/10 would recommend following Celeste.

6. JustGirlProject

Sometimes I feel like this account knows me better than I know myself. These ladies create relatable graphics that often serve as a reminder that I am not alone in my feelings. A great page to follow if you need to see that you’re thoughts are normal and valid. You can also buy merch with their awesome designs here!

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