Who is TheIsraelBites?

Who is TheIsraelBites?

My name is Jazzie and after living between Jerusalem and the U.S. for two years, in the fall of 2018 I packed my bags and left America to start my adult life in Israel. Living in Israel and navigating being gluten free is no easy task, so I created TheIsraelBites to provide English speakers with information about surviving Celiac Disease in the Middle East. 

But, TheIsraelBites is more than just a resource for places to eat within the country. This page is also home to my favorite recipes, travel tips, and more…..

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Here is a map of some of my favorite places around the world:

Being Celiac

I found out I have celiac just before heading off to college after over a year of being constantly sick. I had lost 30 lbs in the process and my body had stopped functioning properly. Following my diagnosis, I battled disordered eating for many years and on of my goals is to use this platform to raise awareness that eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes.

Read more about my diagnosis here.

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Until a few months ago I didn’t know how to share personal things with strangers on insta. I’ve recently gotten a lot of messages from people opening up to me and asking for help with their struggles with celiac and I feel that if people are willing to be vulnerable and open up to me I should share my struggles as well. . In honor of Celiac Awareness Month I want to share a bit about my diagnosis in hopes that someone else will feel a little less alone in the fight. . . The left photo is me 5 years ago when I became extremely sick just before my senior year of high school. I couldn’t keep any food down. I was afraid to eat at school because I didn’t want to miss class because I needed to puke or even worse get sick in the middle of class. I dropped from 148 lbs to 112 lbs in just a couple of months and I remember my brother telling me I looked emaciated. . . Suddenly, I started getting tons of compliments on my thigh gap, people wanted to know how I lost the weight, and boys I had never talked to suddenly became interested in me. . At my lowest weight I stopped getting my period, had no energy, and was sucked into a bad relationship with food. It was ironic because originally the doctor wouldn’t listen to my complaints and assumed I had an eating disorder or anxiety (simply bc I was a teenage girl.) . The photo on the right is me now. When I finally got diagnosed and started eating again, my weight boomeranged I couldn’t stop gaining weight. I began to eat gluten purposefully because I knew it would make me sick and thought it would keep me skinny. Thus my already complicated relationship with food got even more complicated. . For the last five years I’ve struggled with this. With finding comfort in my body and realizing eating gluten is toxic. I have finally gained control of my relationship with food and realized the importance of being properly nourished. . Society has ridiculous standards for bodies and you do not need to fit them to find happiness. If you are struggling to cope with this disease or your relationship with food please talk to somone. Don’t be ashamed like I was and don’t try to get through it alone.

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