Eating Gluten Free in Baka Neighborhood of Jerusalem

Eating Gluten Free in Baka Neighborhood of Jerusalem

It only took me nearly a year of living in the Baka area to finally get around to putting together this much needed list. While restaurants in the area don’t generally go above and beyond to be gluten free friendly, there are many decent options. I am partial to the crepe stand in the First Station, Ben Ami, and Grand Cafe.

I added in a few options more in the Talpiot area because they are worth the walk.


Ben AmiThe holy grail of gluten free options in the Baka area. They are the only dairy restaurant I know of with an entirely separate gluten free menu. They also sell lots of gluten free baked goods that you can take home. Kosher.

Grand Cafe- Located on Derech Beit Lechem, their Country Breakfast bowl is a potato, mushroom, egg heaven. (pictured above) They also have a stellar gluten free chocolate cake and keep gluten free bread on hand which they can use to make their toasts. Kosher.

KumKum Tea House: If you aren’t familiar, KumKum is the most adorable tea shop in Jerusalem that has GLUTEN FREE scones! @byelisheva runs the shop and is an experienced baker constantly working to improve her gluten free offerings (which we celiacs LOVE to hear!) They also stock delicious @bis_of_love chocolates which are gf and vegan. 

They’re now open on Saturday nights as well with live music.

Breizh Creperie- A hidden gem in the First Station, they serve gluten free crepes as well as gluten free pizza. It isn’t the most sterile environment but I have only had good experiences there. Kosher.

Caffit- A classic chain dairy restaurant, Caffit has many gluten free options but sadly doesn’t offer gluten free pasta or bread last time I checked. Kosher.

Fresh Cafe: Again, a great option in a crunch with lots of gluten free options on the menu. Located in the First Station, Kosher.

Tziga Ice Cream- This boutique ice cream shop has dozens of gluten free flavors. On Derech Beit Lechem, Kosher.

Amit Barkat Patisserie– Located more in Talpiot, Amit is a celiac pastry chef and has a high end pastry shop that is 100% gluten free. Expect to spend money though- it is not cheap. Kosher.

The Coffee Mill: A great spot to grab coffee grinds, and also a gluten free peanut butter cookie! They also have ice cafe that they make in house and is gluten free. (FYI, most blended ice cafe in Israel is not gluten free so be careful.) Kosher.


Station 9: A unique meaty asian restaurant in the First Station. They offer a decent selection of gluten free options and make for a nice date night as they are a bit higher end. Kosher.

Sushi Rehavia: While they aren’t my favorite choice for sushi, Sushi Rehavia has a wide selection of gluten free options including noodle dishes, stir Frys, and sushi- they even have a full gluten free menu. I personally go there for the Oki Daki mochi which is vegan and gluten free. Kosher.

Hummus Abu Shukri: Located in the First Station, nearly everything in the restaurant aside from the pita is gluten free. Kosher.

Bruno: While they are known for their salads, they also have platters and salads which can be done without gluten. Located on Emek Refaim, Kosher.


Gluless: At tzomet oranim, Gluless was the first 100% gluten free grocery store in Jerusalem. They have since opened a shop also in Shuk Machane Yehudah. It is a great one stop shop for gluten free dry goods and frozen foods. I really like their fresh breads under the Gluless brand but be wary of thing BreadBerry options- not as good.

Teva Castel: Located in the First Station, Teva Castel has a large section of gluten free dry products plus frozen and refrigerated options as well. If you sign up for the membership they have great sales.

Tzmora Organi: My favorite of the health foods shops, I find that Tzmora Organi has the best prices and often has products I haven’t seen before elsewhere.

Super HaMoshava: The “American” super market in Baka, Super HaMoshava has a large gluten free section and especially stocks lots of American snack products.

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