Top 5 Spots for Gluten Free Pasta in Jerusalem

Top 5 Spots for Gluten Free Pasta in Jerusalem

While pasta used to be a food I feared and tried to convince myself I didn’t like, after a trip to Italy I realized I could no longer live without it. Thus, the hunt for the best gluten free pasta in Jerusalem began. Here are the top 5 spots I’ve found.

Mistabra, Kosher Mehadrin

Azza St. 30, Rehaviya

The green pasta is a light pesto pasta with pine nuts, zucchini, and artichoke. The pasta is made to order which is reassuring for those of us with allergies that need the extra precaution against cross contamination. Mistabra is a cute new cafe located on the up and coming Azza street. They are the most aesthetically pleasing brunch spot in the Rehaviya neighbourhood. With marble tables, plants, and flavoured lattes- it is the perfect study spot, date night venue, or nice dinner out with the gal pals. Want to know more about this new spot? Read more here.

Al Dente, Kosher

Usishkin 50, Nachlaot

Unlike the usual pasta place that might offer one or two gluten free options, Al Dente is slaying the game with a massive range of GF choices. With both gnocchi and penne to choose from as well as the ability to order nearly all of their sauces- be sure to scope out the menu and make your decision beforehand. They also have anitpasti, eggplant parm, beet carpaccio, and salads which are all available GF. Located centrally, Al Dente is a great lunch or dinner spot following shopping at the Shuk or before a night of drinks downtown. Read my full review here.

Agas V’Tapuach, Kosher (UPDATE: Unfortunately, they closed on January 1st, 2020)

Kikar Safra

Agas V’tapuach, which is owned by the Italian father of a child with celiac, is extremely cautious about cross contamination and takes care to make the best GF options they can. My best friend and I have been going to Agas V’tapuach for their salsa rosa for years and it never disappoints. It is the best birthday spot with amazing chocolate mousse. Also, each birthday dessert comes with a sparkler and “happy birthday” sung in Italian by the owner with a big red clown nose on.

Pasta Basta, Kosher

Shuk Machne Yehuda

Pasta Basta is a staple in the Jerusalem Shuk and a fan favourite of study abroad students and seminary girls alike. With the option to “build your own” pasta with whichever shape, sauce, and toppings you would like- it is a fun option for families especially if you have picky kids. Be sure to clarify you have an allergy to be sure they warn you against their sauces which have flour in them. I am not sure it is the safest option for those with celiac as it is a small kitchen with a fast paced environment that may not allot for careful precautions against cross contamination.

Piccolino, Kosher

This is their gluten pasta photo by the amazing @eatsbysar because I always eat my pasta too quickly to photograph it.

Kikar HaMusica
One of the first spots I ate gluten free pasta in Jerusalem, Piccolino takes great caution to ensure the best experience for those with allergies. They have a delicious creamy mushroom pasta that pairs well with their gluten free ice cream cake. If you go in the evenings and sit outside, they have live music and a canopy of colourful umbrellas which create a wonderful ambiance for pasta devouring.

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