Best Shakshuka in Jerusalem

One of the most filling, yummy, gluten free brunch options in Israel is shakshuka. In Jerusalem alone there must be over 100 cafes serving this traditional middle eastern dish.

If you aren’t familiar, traditionally shakshuka is poached eggs in a tomato sauce base. This Israeli breakfast staple originated in North Africa. It is flavorful, usually from Paprika-Cumin-Garlic-Cayenne Pepper, and is often served with sides of spreads and toppings.

There are alternative versions like Baladi which usually includes eggplant, green shakshuka which is on a leafy green/ creamy base, and vegan shakshuka which often replaces the egg with tofu.

So where do I go when I am craving this delicious dish?

Number 1: The BEST Shakshuka in Jerusalem

Cafe Nadi– As if you couldn’t guess- their Green Shakshuka is my favorite shakshuka of all time. Unlike most other green shakshukas, this one isn’t heavy and overly creamy. It is just perfectly cooked greens with poached eggs, feta, and pine nuts on top. The feta melts while you are eating it giving it the perfect creaminess.

Number 2: A Cute Cafe with a Great Deal

Tmol Shilshom is a classic- they have multiple different versions of shakshuka and if you catch them during their breakfast deal you can get shakshuka, a salad, spreads, bread (they have gluten free), a hot drink and a cold drink for around 55 shekel.

Number 3: Would Have Scored Higher but No Gluten Free Bread

Ofaimme– this hidden gem has a labaneh based shakshuka which reminds me of the Israel version of a creamy spinach dip. I would recommend sharing it with a friend as an appetizer because it is heavy and pretty impossible to finish alone. They don’t have gluten free bread so I would BYOB to soak up all the cheesy goodness.

Number 4: Gluten Free Bread, Yes Please!!

Nocturno– a great spot for vegan and gluten free eats, Nocturno makes a pretty delicious shakshuka. If you wanted to get into Nadi but it was full, head over to Nocturno just a few steps away and get their shakshuka- with gluten free bread!

I’m still looking for number 5… where is your favorite shakshuka in Jerusalem??

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