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A Gluten Free Athens Get Away

In November of 2018, I surprised my mom during her trip to Israel with a little get away to Greece. Specifically, we spent 3 lovely days in Athens. In my opinion, 3 days was the perfect amount of time to see all of Athens. We enjoyed time by the water, historic sites like the Acropolis, and delicious cocktails and fun local bars without feeling like we missed out on anything due to our short trip.

The Best of Gluten Free Madrid

While I preferred the sites and culture of Southern Spain, Madrid was a city unlike any other for gluten free eats and bakeries! I truly felt like every corner I turned, I stumbled upon another gluten free watery. From churros to eclairs, avocado toast to croquetas and fresh bread- Madrid did not disappoint.

5 Tips for Celiac Newbies

I often get asked this question: what are your tips for people who have just been diagnosed?
Truthfully, there are a million do’s and dont’s for people who are celiac/ have a gluten intolerance. This isn’t one of those lists. This is a list of things I wish someone had told me and reminders to give yourself regularly throughout the transition to a gluten free diet.