Looking to gain exposure for your brand? Need professional social media content but not sure where to start? Let’s work together! Opportunities are available for collaborations, partnerships, UGC video creation, influencer event planning, and more.

I have worked with dozens of brands to create content, build their social media accounts, share their products, and more. Find below testimonials from brands I have partnered with in the past. You can also check out my Social Media Agency, JLM Social for consulting and management work. 

TheIsraelBites is the perfect partner for collaborating with via Instagram! We first came into contact with Jazzie over IG when we had just started out coffee company. The best part about Jazzie (apart from who she is as an amazing person) is the level of engagement from her viewers. She really helped our coffee company grow and much of our loyal clientele are a direct result of Jazzie. Thanks Jazzie for your kind words and it’s been really a pleasure working with you.

I recently had Instagram training with Jazzie and really couldn't recommend her enough. Before working with Jazzie I had genuine Instagram anxiety, and I simply couldn't get to grips with the platform. Not only did Jazzie help me completely rebrand my Instagram, but she helped me find my own voice and showed me how I could create content that was not only fun for me, but helpful to my community. Jazzie has provided me with constant support that gives me the confidence to continue posting and I have seen clear results!
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