Five Israeli Coffee Carts You NEED to Visit

Five Israeli Coffee Carts You NEED to Visit

If you don’t follow me on Instagram or Tiktok, you should, and also you likely don’t know that I have an undying love for coffee carts. Since Corona, when I was unable to travel abroad and began spending more time exploring Israel, I have found a passion for visiting coffee carts. They are often in very random locations that you likely never would have gotten to otherwise and that is exactly why I love them. They have been such a fun way to get to know Israel and if you’re looking for the best coffee carts you’ve come to the right place.

  1. Blooms Coffee, Pardes Hana

    I usually don’t like to return to coffee carts as there are so many that I have yet to visit, but Blooms is absolutely the exception to that rule. I think I have visited at least 6 times and I fall more in love with it each time. Not only is the coffee some of the best I have had in Israel, they have tons of gluten free food and dessert options as well as the most kind and welcoming staff.

    I highly recommend stopping here if you are on your way north. Say hi to Assaf for me if you go!

    Address: Kharoshet St 1, Pardes Hanna-Karkur
  2. Arthura Cafe, Mercaz Rupin

    Arthura Cafe is an absolute joy to visit. They have such a wide variety of drinks and food items which are all made by the incredible owner, Maya. She is an incredible host and puts so much passion into what she does. We tried a million things from salads to tapioca pudding and loved everything. It’s also located next to an art gallery and they host fun events.

    Address: קמפוס רופין, רופין
  3. Yamins, Nizzane Oz

    Yamin’s was the first coffee cart I ever visited it truly did not disappoint. They use local dairy for all of their dishes which I loved. They have a special whipped yogurt that is absolutely delicious, gluten free granola, cheese plates, coffee, and more! I am a huge fan and they owner is an absolute mensch. It is a fairly centrally located coffee cart as its only half an hour from Netanya.

    Address: Ha-Shlosha St 3, Nitzanei Oz
  4. Mama Coffee

    Mama coffee is an absolute gem with amazing breakfast options, great atmosphere, and I especially recommend their whipped coffee. It is located in Hofit which is just next to my favorite beach in Israel, Beit Yanai! If you’re in the area I also recommend a trip to Vitkin Winery.

    Address: Kokhav ha-Yam St 14
  5. Daniela, Matsli’ah

    One of the newer coffee carts, Daniela is a kosher cart located just a 30 minute drive from Jerusalem near Ramla. They have a full menu of salads, sandwiches, baked goods and more. While they don’t have any special gluten free items, they do offer really fun and interesting salads. There is also a fruit and veggie market on sight and I loved that they had tons of swings and bounce houses for kids.

    Search שוק חקלאי דניאלה in Google for directions.

For more coffee carts or to see if there are any near you, check out my map!


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