Free Home Workouts You will Want to Do Again and Again

Free Home Workouts You will Want to Do Again and Again

This is totally not my niche but someone recently asked me on Instagram to share home workouts that I have enjoyed. I love kickboxing and HIIT and there are a few videos in particular that I have been doing on repeat over the last eight weeks. I included here a four minute arm workout that I have been doing EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It’s my own little quarantine fitnesses challenge!

Also, if you can’t tell from this article, I am obsessed with PopSugar Fitness and find their workouts to be the most put together and small space friendly.

Here are some of the best free at home workouts I have found. They range from 3 minutes to 30 minutes because I can’t stay focused on a home workout for more than that!

The Arm Workout I’m Doing Daily:
Two Great Kickboxing Workouts:

This one incorporates a great ab set and is easy to do without having very much space.

This one is great cardio and has really fun energy!

An Ab Workout IN BED:

Don’t want to get up? I guess it is a good thing you can do your ab workout in bed!

My Girl MalloryHopes HIIT Class:

Mallory goes live everyday at 12:00 on Instagram to help you get a burst of endorphins while on your work from home lunch break!

Fun 5 Minute Abs:

This is my favorite workout to do when I have been a couch potato all day but want to feel a bit more productive.

Five Minute Leg Day:
Quick Yet Fun Barre Class:

A great pre-Shabbat class to squeeze into your busy Friday!

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