Can’t Miss Gluten Free Eats in Barcelona

Can’t Miss Gluten Free Eats in Barcelona

When I was planning my trip to Barcelona, Spain I was a bit wary about finding gluten free things to eat. I had heard some people complain about the lack of gluten free restaurants in Spain, but coming from Jerusalem where there isn’t a SINGLE- that’s right, not one!!! dedicated GF spot, I thought Barcelona was Celiac heaven.

My first night I was meeting another gluten free blogger who is a Barcelona native at Messie Gluten Free Pizza for dinner and decided to take a stroll around beforehand. I popped in and out of a few grocery stores and I was unbelievably impressed by the amount and availability of gluten free products. Each store had a wall marked Sense Gluten stocked high with breads, cookies, flours, grains, and more.

As for food, I had received recommendations beforehand form instafriends, irl friends, and family members. We had a full 9 days in BCN and I still didn’t make it to all the places on my list!

Messie Pizza– has dedicated gluten free locations

For my first dinner, Sylvia and I split 2 pizzas: the three cheese and the truffle parmesan. The truffle parmesan was incredible but the three cheese was just okay. The crust was thin which I love and crispy but not dry and cracker like. They had a beer list that must have had over 30 GF beers on it. which is great for those of you that like beer, I can’t get into it because I don’t drink it enough to learn to enjoy it. They were a bit pricey, 10-13 euros per pizza but they also had pastas, salads, and dessert. The service was great and the kitchen has glass windows so you can see your pizza being made if you sit in the back.

All in all Messie was decent and a really great spot if you want to be able to sit and talk to the person you’re eating with. It was quiet and you don’t feel rushed to leave at all.

M2 Gluten Free– dedicated gluten free

Okay, when we got to M2 it was sadly closed (contrary to google maps.) Buttttt, they have a bar next door called Metric which serves brunch which is also 100% GF. The menu is quite limited but the bar has incredible vibes. I got a brie avocado sandwich and my parents both got scrambled eggs, toast, and salad.

We all enjoyed our meals even though they weren’t anything crazy special. Their gluten free bread was well toasted and held my sandwich without falling apart of getting soggy- which for me is the most important thing. My mom also got a ham and cheese croissant to go for a snack later. My sandwich was something like 4 euros which compared to Israeli prices was insanely cheap.

Overall, if you’re in the area I would recommend grabbing a bite at M2 or hitting Metric for a drink and snack. There is a really great mall just a few blocks away called L’illa Diagonal.

Flax and Kale– Passage location is dedicated gluten free

Apparently, not the I realized, not all of their locations are gluten free but the do have a fully gluten free cafe. I ended up at the not gluten free location and while I was disappointed, I still loved my meal. When I ordered the appetizer tasting platter the waiter quickly warned me it was meant for sharing. Incase you couldn’t guess, I happily devoured the entire plate of hummus, crackers, and veggies on my own. Of course, I also got a bottle of their house made kombucha which was out of this world.

It was easily our priciest dinner with dishes averaging at around 16 Euros and up. I found it bit overrated but if health food is your thing and you are looking for something with a more high end ambiance, it’s a great option.

Jansana– A 100% gluten free bakery!

What can I say? Simply heaven. I made 3 stops at Jansna during our time in Barcelona and even that was not enough. It is a centrally located 100% gluten free bakery with savory dishes (salads, empanadas, and pizza) as well and a seating area. What more could you ask for?

Most of the pastries were 2-3 Euros with some more expensive fancier options as well. If you want to get there when they have the most options available be sure to go early.

Las Fritas– gluten free options

With a few locations around town, these fries are a can’t miss! You get to pick your toppings including meat, cheese, egg, and more! They come in small, medium, and bucket size. It was a great quick snack between museums and was only a few feet away from an ice cream shop with the best gluten free sugar cone ever El Born Minyo.

La Taguara – gluten free options

Arepas stuffed with black beans, avocado, and cheese?! Count me in! I also tried their gluten free coconut bites which were a delicious sweet treat after a salty arepa. It’s located right in the heart of downtown Barcelona near Plaça Espanya and is a great quick bite on a busy touring day.

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