A Complete List of the Gluten Free Options in Shuk Machane Yehudah

A Complete List of the Gluten Free Options in Shuk Machane Yehudah

Headed to Jerusalem’s iconic shuk (market) and wondering what all the gluten free options are in Machane Yehudah? Don’t stress, I’ve created an entire list to help you out!



In the last few years, Shuk Machane Yehudah has truly become the cultural heart of Jerusalem. What was once a place to buy groceries quickly turned into a “Yom Kef” for visitors to Jerusalem from near and far. While there are endless options within the shuk for a bite to eat, finding the gluten free options can seem impossible if you don’t know where to look!

Here are all the amazing gluten free favorites in Jerusalem's bustling Shuk Machane Yehudah:

On HaEgoz, AKA the restaurant strip:

Etrog Man- ACAI GOALS x 1000. Be prepared to wait but just embrace it as part of the experience. Etrog Man is a natural health store with a huge variety of juices, health shots, smoothies, and the most beautiful açaí bowl you have ever seen. The entire store is 100% gluten free.

Pasta Basta- I wouldn’t recommend it for celiacs, but if you’re looking for pasta and are gluten intolerant or prefer a gluten free diet, Pasta Basta is a convenient option for a build your own pasta bowl. You get to choose you sauce, toppings, and noodles from a pretty wide variety. They recently renovated putting in more seats and updating their ordering process which makes it much quicker to get your pasta. If you’re celiac, take the ten extra minutes to walk over to Al Dente for a safer experience with even better pasta and gnocchi! Both Pasta Basta and Al Dente are Kosher.

In the closed shuk:

Beer Bazaar: Looking for someone to grab a cold drink off the tap? Beer Bazaar always has a cider on tap which rotates according to the season. Additionally, they have different Israeli ciders to choose from by the bottle and wine on tap. Be careful though, while I’ve had mostly great experiences there, they did mix up my drink once and then told me, “you should have smelled it first.” Kosher.

AyeshaFalafel, hummus, and deliciousness oh my! This little hummus shop located just off the main drag of the closed shuk has gluten free falafel as well as hummus, shakshuka, cocktails, and more.

Cafe Lyon: This cafe replaced Haba and has a decent range of gluten free options. It is generally classic cafe food and not so much special. Kosher.

Patata: Love potatoes as much as me? Check out this loaded potato bar that is 100% gluten free! Located in the shuk right down from the lovely nut shop Mizrachi.

Judith’s Bakery: In 2022, Judith’s daughter was told she needed to stop eating gluten.  In response, Judith began to bake gluten free treats for her and discovered there was truly a lack of delicious gluten free mehdarin products in Jerusalem.  In 2023, she opened up a bakery just next to her potato shop (Patata mentioned above) where she sells fresh baked treats like challah, muffins, alfajores, and more! Best to order in advance via her instagram. Find my full video review here.

In the open shuk:

Aroma: A classic stop for birthright participants, Aroma offers gluten free packaged baked goods, salads, and coffee. Be sure to check as many of the blended drinks including the iced coffee may contain gluten!

Rachmo: Delicious hummus that has been around nearly as long as the shuk itself!

Gluless: Not a restaurant, but this fully gluten free shop has breads, baked goods, snacks, baking products and more. Additionally, they have fresh hot bourekas, sambusek, focaccia, and other snacks that are great to grab while in the shuk if you’re noshy. They’ll even heat them up!

In the surrounding area:

Mousseline- The BEST ice cream in Jerusalem and a gluten free cone? What could be better? While you are there be sure to try the basil flavor, it is INSANE. Mousseline is known for their interesting flavors including wasabi, saffron, grapefruit basil, and more. They have vegan and dairy options and they are kosher!

Tzemah- Owned by Machane Yuda group, this high end vegetarian restaurant is borderline revolutionary. They have amazing, unique vegetarian and vegan eats that will shock you including their eggplant creme brûlée. Nearly 80% of the menu is gluten free or can be made gluten free. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for a nice night out with friends. Not Kosher.

Pepitos- A cheap, quick, and filling option for meat eaters and vegans alike! Pepitos serves up authentic arepas, empanadas, and yucca fries which are ALL GLUTEN FREE. With a really high level of consideration put into ensuring there is no cross contamination, Pepitos is easily one of the safest options in the Shuk for celiacs. Read more about them in this post about cheap eats in Jerusalem. They are Kosher.

Quesadillas Ascensio– Dairy Mexican spot with lots of gluten free options that are fried in a fryer with gluten. Be sure to clarify if you are celiac as it limits you to their baked options only, Kosher

Bardak: Looking for gluten free pizza? Bardak has ya covered! With the widest range of toppings around, you will never be bored with your pizza from them! I also love the vibes of the interior. Kosher.

Dialna: This Frena bar announced in June that they now serve gluten free Frenas. For those that don’t know, Frena is a traditional Moroccan bread and at 127 Agripas they are serving them stuffed with all kinds of meat! It is Kosher. 

Crave– While I only ate there once and all I ordered was pickles, I have heard some good experiences at Crave. They supposedly have a gluten free bun and depending on who you ask they are understanding about allergies. Kosher Mehadrin and great for meat eaters- would not recommend it for gluten free vegetarians.

Segev Burger- Segev is a Kosher burger shop with locations all around Israel. They are quite accommodating to gluten allergies and even offer a gluten free bun I believe. 

Jackos– With two restaurants in one, Jackos Tavern is a great option for people with allergies. With clearly labeled menus, knowledgable waiters, and a wonderful atmosphere, Jacko’s Tavern is a great choice for nice dinner in the shuk then move to Jacko’s Son for drinks with friends at a bar that feels like Tel Aviv in Jerusalem. Just be sure to make a reservation in advance! Kosher.

Cookie Cream– Gluten free cookie ice cream sandwiches ?! I’m so down! They keep the gluten free cookies in a separate case and if you ask they will be very careful about the ice cream!

Habesh: You’ve probably seen me post about this place a thousand times as it is one of my favorite places from a CHEAP vegan meal to split with friends. Habesh serves traditional Ethiopian Injera with a wide variety of vegan curries on top (you could also get meat) for just 40 shekel total. It is easily enough food for 3 people and while they do not claim to be without a doubt gluten free, it is made out of 100% buckwheat flour and my celiac friends and I have all eaten there with 0 problems. Not kosher.

If you’re willing to walk a little bit further, just through Nachlaot on Betzalel st. there are a few amazing options. 

Kazze– 100% Gluten Free Pizza & Pasta, Kosher

Nocturono– Cafe with tons of gluten free options including amazing desserts, Kosher

Sushiya– Amazing sushi and sushi bowls, Kosher 

Find all the places listed here on my Gluten Free Israel Map!


I'm Jazzie, a 20 something wannabe globetrotter with Celiac Disease. Living in Israel and navigating being gluten free is no easy task, so I created TheIsraelBites to provide English speakers with information about surviving Celiac Disease in the Middle East.

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