Help Save Jerusalem’s Best

Help Save Jerusalem’s Best

Restaurants across Jerusalem and the world are in need of help! Due to Corona Virus, many small businesses and incredible local cafes have had to close. Some Jerusalem staples are facing the scary possibility that when the virus is gone they will be too. Because of the financial hit they are taking now, many places fear they will be unable to reopen their doors. While I know times are tough for many of us, if you have a few minutes and a few shekels, I encourage you to help save Jerusalem’s best!

A few of Jerusalem’s restaurants and bars have started Head Start pages which allow customers to buy gift cards and other “prizes” that can be redeemed in the future. These purchases help the restaurants stay afloat now and allow you to have little outing to look forward to in the future!

Here are some of the places that are in need of your help:

Tmol Shilshom, City Center

If you don’t know Tmol Shilshom (pictured above) you must be living under a rock! Tmol Shilshom is a Jerusalem classic and has made its name across the world for amazing breakfast food and drinks! Recently, one of the owners suddenly passed away leaving Tmol’s staff to juggle Corona and restructuring all at once. Help them stay in business buy supporting their Head Start which has already surpassed its 250,000 shekel goal. You can purchase a punch card for 5 free coffees for just 60 shekel, books, event tickets for future lectures and more.

CAMPAIGN COMPLETE: Issacs Place, Derech Beit Lechem

Issacs Place is a quiet coffee shop loved by Baka Locals for over 16 years. It is a little cafe that makes Israeli favorites plus delicious pastries and more. Their Head Start goal is 70,000 Shekels. You can select from a list of different coupons like coffee and a baked good for just 24 shekels or breakfast for two for 140 shekels.

Tap and Tail, Shuk Machane Yehudah

Tap and Tail is a classic shuk spot for a night out! With great happy hour deals and amazing cheese fries, you can always find smiling faces sitting on pillow covered shuk stands after 7 pm. Support their Head Start goal of 60,000 shekels by purchasing a voucher for shots, cocktails, and a cocktail making kit!

Ben Ami, Emek Refaim

A local favorite, Ben Ami, serves up the most delicious brunch meals! When my grandparents were visiting our motzash meal at Ben Ami was one of their favorites. They are also known for being accommodating to allergies and their selection of baked goods to take home. Their goal is 225,000 Shekels. Select from a wide variety of coupons including gift cards, Shavuot packages, and more on Head Start.

Jackos, Shuk Machane Yehudah

Jackos was started 7 years ago by 3 childhood friends and quickly became a favorite place for locals to celebrate everything from a girls night to engagements, birthdays, and more. They are known for their great atmosphere and even better cocktails. Help them continue to do what they do best, serve Jersualem’s foodie with great meat and sushi dishes by supporting their Head Start. You can get coupons for a bottle of their house wine, sushi, cocktails, and more.

CAMPAIGN COMPLETE: Gatsby, City Center

Did you know there is a speakeasy in the center of Jerusalem? Well, hidden behind an Aroma lies Gatsby, and 20s themed speakeasy with interesting cocktails and a super chill vibe. You can support their HeadStart goal of 60,000 shekels (which they have now passed!) by ordering vouchers for a cocktail, a birthday set, or an “all you can drink” night for 2!

Carousela/ Bab Al Yemen

Longtime Rehavia favorites among students, these two bars are in need of support! With its comfy couches and homey atmosphere Carousela, which opened in 2009, is a go to study spot and place for a late night drink with friends. With a goal of 140,000 shekel they are offering vouchers for drinks, even tickets, breakfast for two, and more! Support their HeadStart here.

Gourmandises By Yoel

Gourmandises is a delicious French bakery located in the heart of Jerusalem inside of Kikar Musica. They have out of this world pastries and wonderful staff. Help them reach their goal of 30,000 shekels by buying a coupon for coffee and a pastry, gifting a lone soldier with a treat, donuts, breakfast, and other delicious things. Here is their HeadStart.

Lets help save Jerusalem’s best restaurants and bars! Together we can make sure their doors are open as soon as it is safe.

Want to support Tel Aviv as well?

One of my favorite cocktail geniuses, Yotam Shilo, has a HeadStart open to help support his bars SpiceHaus, Honolulu, and Double Standard! Support their goal of 99,000 shekels by ordering coupons for an entry to one of their parties, cocktail packages, or brunch!

Looking for other small businesses that are open to support? Order from one of the great spots on this list!


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