Jerusalem Restaurants with Gluten Free Delivery Options

Jerusalem Restaurants with Gluten Free Delivery Options

Last update: Jan 21, 2021

And……we’re back!

Nearly two weeks ago, Israel returned to lockdown as the numbers of Covid-19 cases skyrocketed to upward of 8000 new cases a day.

If you, like me, love going out to eat and relied on delivery during the first lockdown- this list is for you. While many places returned to doing delivery, others have not or have changed their set up. A few awesome places like Pepitos and Jeera joined 10 Bis but it can still be hard to find accurate resources on who is and who is not delivering.

So, my top picks? Here they are:

P2, Not Kosher

Putting this one right here at the top because they have something really cool going on. I normally am wary of eating at P2 because it is always a game of chance whether or not my pizza will come into cross contamination. HOWEVER, right now they are doing DIY pizza kits where they deliver to you premade dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings. It is the perfect date night activity if you want something a little extra special or just want to feel more secure that your pizza was made in a safe environment. Read my full P2 review, here. 

Tacos Luis, Kosher

A classic Jazzie move is ordering ridiculous amounts of Tacos Luis and basically living off of it for a week and half. I always order tons of tortillas to keep in the freezer and I LOVE their tofu chorizo. They are not doing daily delivery but have a google form for delivery with two delivery days a week. Check them out on Instagram for the current form. 

Al Dente, Kosher

Al Dente is currently delivering through the website Mishlohim as is P2. They have tons of gluten free options (pasta, gnocchi, veggies, salads, etc) and the minimum delivery free is just 100 shekels which is lower than most other places. The price of delivery is an added 20 shekels and they come in 40 mins which is about half the time of most other places. 

JLM Sushi, Kosher

Not only is their sushi a 10/10, they deliver Zuta cocktails! That’s right, delicious cocktails (including the garnishes) and amazing sushi delivered to you. I only ordered from JLM Sushi for the first time while in bidud a few weeks back and am sorry it took me so long. While their sushi is a bit pricier, I love that even the gluten free versions are topped with delicious goodies and not left boring like most places tend to make gf options. They just officially launched online orders which makes them EVEN BETTER in my book. 


A personal favorite, I have ordered Sushiya a handful of times throughout this pandemic. They can be a bit difficult to get in touch with and I recommend calling to order (02-6259055.) Personally, I love their rice bowls which the veggie bowl is only like 28 shekels so you’ll need help to get to the delivery minimum which is 100-160 shekels depending where in Jerusalem you live. Make sure you clarify gluten free so they don’t add the fried sweet potato and ask for gluten free sauces. My last order got to me in less than 20 mins even though they say 60-90 mins. 

Pepitos, Kosher

Can you say Arepas?! They also have other gluten free things including empanadas, fries, cassava fries (MY FAVE), and salad. They are now on 10 bis which is great for those of you still getting food money from work. Otherwise they also have delivery through their website. 

Kazze Jerusalem, Kosher

New to the Jerusalem gluten free scene is the 100% gluten free bakery and pizza shop, Kazze. They are delivering daily breads, pizzas, pastas, salads and more. I have yet to try them but have heard their pizza is quite tasty. 

There are some decent other options including Mistabra, Jeera, Burger Room JLM (not kosher, they have the beyond burger), and of course Mousseline.


I'm Jazzie, a 20 something wannabe globetrotter with Celiac Disease. Living in Israel and navigating being gluten free is no easy task, so I created TheIsraelBites to provide English speakers with information about surviving Celiac Disease in the Middle East.

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