Cafe Flora, Ganei Tal

If you havenโ€™t seen Cafe Flora on your Instagram feed, you must live under a rock!

They are most well known for their very photogenic cans of coffee which have taken over social media.

In addition to their unique drinks they have a large menu with a range of items from salads and sandwiches to quiche, lasagna, and stuffed vegetables. The best part? Nearly every item on their menu could be made gluten free including their croissant sandwich with Brie. And yes, the cafe is Kosher!ย 

We started with the stuffed grape leaves and Asian noodle salad but after I posted an Instagram story the manager showed up with enough food for six. We obviously had to try everything and Moshe loved the Lasagna.

We also tried two of their bubble teas (they were a bit sweet for me) and the Korean coffee which comes in really fun cans that are great for those on the go.

๐Ÿ“The coffee cart is located about half an hour south of Rehovot, attached to a plant nursery in Ganei Tal.