Al Dente

Kosher, Dairy

Al Dente is located just a few minutes from Jerusalem’s city center but is set back away from the hustle and bustle. Al Dente is a local favorite and they proudly serve up tons of gluten free options.

The ambiance is a bit nicer than your average dairy cafe. The offer a great wine selection, two different types of gluten free pasta, and delicious desserts. Al Dente, while not my regular go to, makes for the perfect date night or celebratory dinner.

Prices range from 30- 129 shekel depending on what you order. Their pasta prices are comparable to other Italian restaurants in Jerusalem at about 60 shekel.

Gluten Free Options:
Penne Pasta
Eggplant Parmesan
Beet Carpaccio

When we went, the service was slow so don’t go when you’re in a rush and don’t be afraid to be super “Israeli” and force the waiter to pay attention to you. They messed up our order the first time and though it took a while to get someone to our table to tell them, once we told them they fixed it right away.

The gnocchi with Tagliatelle Verde sauce was incredible and I will definitely go back for that dish again.

To see more of their menu, click here. 
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