Ben Ami

Kosher, Mehadrin

While Jerusalem’s center of town has a decent selection of gluten free options, once you head towards Talpiot and Emek Refaim the number quickly dwindles. Luckily, Ben Ami, located right on Emek Refaim street, is consistently a safe, delicious option for Celiacs. Not only do they have a full gluten free menu (just ask) but also a little market with packaged GF treats including cookies, chocolates, and sometimes even oat challah.

Depending on when you go Ben Ami’s atmosphere totally changes. I’ve eaten there when its been quiet, full of students, and a wonderful spot to sit for coffee and catch up with an old friend. Other times, there has been a waiting list, 8 families of 10 + and half of Jerusalem’s seminary/ yeshiva students. No matter the vibes inside, the food never disappoints.

Prices are a bit expensive and for 3 people with drinks you can easily spend well over 300 shekel. It is a great place for a nicer dinner, a filling brunch, or to take your family when they come to town (and are paying.) Also, it is a great place to grab just a coffee or a quick bowl of soup when you’re too busy to prepare food for yourself.

I recommend following them on Facebook as they do events like wine and cheese nights as well as regular giveaways for gift cards before the holidays. They also have locations in Tel Aviv and Herzilya but as I have not visited I can’t confirm or deny that the other snifim have the same level of understanding of celiac.

Gluten Free Options:
GF Bread
Hot Chocolate !! (FYI: Most places in Israel it’s not GF)