Cafe Gan Sipur

While I typically am wary of restaurants with more than a page of options, Cafe Gan Sipur does not disappoint. They have a menu with around 60 unique and delicious options and nearly all of them can be made gluten free… including their flatbreads and pastas!

I LOVE their crispy gluten free flat bread topped with caramelized onions, roasted sweet potato, 4 cheeses, and a creamy rosa sauce… UNREAL.  I’ve also tried their salads, shakshuka, and tahini shake- all which were great as well. 

Their menu is clearly labeled, their selection of dishes is VAST, and they have the quality service. 

They have multiple locations around Israel and the locations in Jerusalem and Ashdod are kosher. (All ingredients in each location are kosher some are just open on Shabbat.)