Cohen’s Deli

If you’ve followed me on Instagram for more than a few days, you’ve probably seen me post about Cohen’s Deli and the fact that they have the best cheese plate in Jerusalem. Personally, I love Cohen’s because it’s just steps from my house but even if you come from Tel Aviv for this cafe I think you’ll find it well worth the visit.

Cohen’s Deli has 3 lovely locations in Jerusalem where they serve pastries, soup, sandwiches, cheese plates, salads, and of course WINE.

Their cheese plates come in sizes based on the number of people you want to feed but even the plate for 2 (which is about 100 shekel) is large enough for a group to share. It comes accompanied by bread and a delicious salad that has been described with terms I prefer not to put here. Let’s just say, it’s really good.

For 80-90 shekels a bottle you can get a decent wine for the table or choose from one of their many options by the glass. So what I’m saying it, if you get a group of 3-4 together and order the cheese plate for 2 and a bottle of their amazing Malbec, it works out to around 50-70 shekels a person which for a nice lunch is not to shabby.

While they don’t have WiFi, if you don’t need WiFi – or if you’re lucky enough to be able to use your home WiFi from their outside patio- it makes a great study spot.

I personally haven’t had their baked goods but when my best friend Anna was staying with me for the month I can confirm she ate them everyday… so they must be pretty good yeah?

The moral of the story is, if you need food, or a spot to meet friends, or an afternoon treat, or a nice bottle of wine, Cohen’s is your place.

One tip: If you’re gluten free, bring your own crackers or bread for your cheese plate!

Looking for a more substantial meal, check out Mistabra which is just around the corner from their Rehavia location.