What is Injera? Great question! Injera is an Ethiopian sourdough flatbread made using Tef flour! It is served topped with lentils, curries, and fresh veggies. Best eaten with your hands, the Injera from Habesh is only 40 shekels and is large enough for 3-4 people! That’s right, for 10 shekels a person you can have a delicious, home cooked, authentic meal. One of the best and cheapest gluten free foods you’ll find Jerusalem!


Habesh is just steps from the iconic Machane Yehudah Market yet is usually quiet with plenty of seating. They are not Kosher but their vegan option is amazing! They also have meat versions which I personally have not tried but have heard only wonderful things!

The owner will not guarantee the food to be gluten free as she, like many places, does not want to take responsibility if someone were to get sick. However, all of the ingredients used in the Injera and its toppings are gluten free.

Find Habesh on my map!

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