Jeera | ג’ירה

Over the Covid 19 lockdown, a new Indian food delivery service opened up in Jerusalem! After a burst of success, the owners Tom and Tal, launched Jeera as a restaurant just weeks later. The pair are driven by their passion for India, cooking, and fresh local produce.

The restaurant is now officially Kosher under Tzohar. The menu is 100% vegetarian and super vegan friendly.

The menu is almost entirely gluten free and they are incredibly accommodating about using separate bags / packing. When I spoke with them on the phone to order they talked me through the menu on exactly which dishes I could have.

Jeera currently offers both delivery and dine in options. I was pleasantly surprised by how budget friendly their delivery is. For only 50 shekels dine in/ 60 shekels delivered you can get their Tali Platter which is loaded with goodies. The platter comes with a heaping serving of well seasoned rice, curry, cucumber salad, and sauces. They have a full menu of other dishes which changes weekly but all dishes have remained under 60 shekels.

My favorite dish was their dosa. For anyone who isn’t familiar, dosas are thin chickpea crepes stuffed with curry and rolled up. The dosa at Jeera was full of flavor and super tasty. 

My biggest criticism was that when the delivery got to us it was already quite cold. I think the food was nice but not out of this world because of this. If it had been hot it would have been much tastier I am sure.