Kazze is Jerusalem’s first 100% gluten free restaurant and it just so happens to be a pizza and WINE BAR! Like, could we have gotten a better first gluten free restaurant? I don’t think so.

Kazze was opened by a Nachlaot native named Itay whose wife is celiac. HOW CUTE IS THAT? Don’t you want a husband who instead of getting upset when you complain about the lack of safe food options instead goes out and opens you a restaurant?

Now to the good stuff, what is on the menu? Great question!

– craft pizzas

– fresh, inventive salads

-the worlds best gnocchi and pastas

– fresh breads like baguette an brioche


-baked goods


and of course DELICIOUS Israeli wines

And yes, it is Kosher dairy. 

Addition: Since this review, Kazze actually catered my wedding! They offer small event catering for events of up to around 150 people. We had a menu of bruschetta, vegetable patties, salads, pizza, lasagna, and more and it was simply amazing. Most people had no idea it was gluten free!