P2 | פי בריבוע

P2 or PSquared is a small little pizza shop right around the corner from some of Jerusalem’s best hotels. 

I was once told by a celiac friend that they had the best gluten free pizza in town so I of course had to go check it out! I went one night with my roommate and the place was about half full. It wasn’t too loud for dinnertime and we were greeted by a nice waitress who helped us choose what to order.

We ordered a gluten free pizza (which they warned me was made in a very glutenous environment) and antipasti. The antipasti was pretty lame and I would recommend skipping it if I were you. 

The pizza however was incredible! We got the Pizza Bianca and it came topped with potatoes, garlic, and cheese. The crust was thin, but not too thin, and crispy. It had the perfect little air bubbles in it. 

I watched them make the pizza and I will say that it wasn’t the most sanitary environment for celiacs but it was made on parchment paper and not directly on the bottom of the pizza oven. I did not get sick afterwards but I would imagine that there is a high chance of cross contamination. 

The price was decent and pretty comparable to other pizza places in town.

All in all I give it 3 stars because the taste was 5/5 but the fear of getting sick and the sad excuse for antipasti knock it down a few notches. 


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