SushiYa Betzalel

This might be a contentious topic to bring up but in my personal opinion Sushiya is the best sushi in Jerusalem. There, I said it.

Their sushi bowl, which is only 28 shekels is my go to cheap dinner! (find more of my favorites here)

One of my favorite things about Sushiya is that they are super knowledgable about gluten. They know exactly what on the menu does and does not have gluten in it and are happy to help accommodate allergies. A fellow foodie I know Gavi, aka Eating Around Israel, has a sesame allergy and Sushiya is also his go to in Jerusalem!

They would have gotten 5 stars except that their miso soup has gluten in it which makes me sad! They do however have gluten free sauces which is a major plus! 

I recommend going during an off time and not right at dinner rush because they are often packed to the brims and spilling out onto the sidewalk outside.