Tacos Luis

While unfortunately Jerusalem doesn’t have any dedicated gluten free restaurants, Taco’s Luis tops the list of most celiac friendly places in Jerusalem.

Kosher, Besari

One of the owners, Yittie, has a son with celiac and is thus both innovative and knowledgeable. Tacos Luis serve up delicious, authentic Mexican food as well as great vibes. Located on Shlomtzion HaMalcha, just steps from the Old City they are so conveniently located its hard not to go there every week.

They are always throwing awesome events with cool specials and live music. Plus, their happy hour can’t be beat! One free taco for every beer you order? Ask them and they’ll work you out a deal if you’re allergic to bear.

What’s on the menu for celiacs?

TACOS!– Their taco shells are homemade and 100% gluten free. They also switch up their vegetarian options daily which is awesome!
RICE BOWLS– Super filling, delicious, and you get to pick the toppings. The best of all worlds.
Mexican Chocolate Cookies– Yittie told me they’re pretty much just chocolate and very minimal gluten free flour. They’re also dairy free (bc kosher) and melt in your mouth.
Margaritas- Easily the best in town, especially the watermelon.

Not drooling yet? Check out the pictures below:

Update: While social distancing I decided to do a little research and used my investigative journalism skills (aka instagram dm) to figure out why it’s “Tacos Luis” and not “Tacos Yittie”. #feminism am I right?!

Well, it turns out that the co-owners Yittie and Luis, who are related by marriage, almost named the shop “La Cunada” or “The Sister-In-Law.” But, after deciding that wasn’t so catchy, they settled on Taco’s Luis.

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