In the last year, Tel Aviv has really upped its gluten free game! While it was always home to gluten free friendly and vegan cafes, there are now more than SEVEN 100% gluten free restaurants in the city. Not to mention and ton of celiac safe but not dedicated gluten free spots.

LeLo- Kikar HaMedina

100% Gluten Free Not Kosher- Sells certified Kosher baked goods. Kosher snif in Afeka. Talk about a celiac's dream cafe- ...
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Not Kosher- 100% Vegan The name 416 is in fact not named after the Toronto area code but rather their ...
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Meshek Barzilay

100% Vegan, the Deli has Tzohar Kashrut Sometimes you eat a meal and you think to yourself, “there is no ...
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