Bretonne | ברטון

To be honest, I have a love hate relationship with Bretonne Crepes. They taste amazing and the selection of fillings is out of this world but I have had more than one bad experience there with the staff.

Bretonne is a funky little crepe shop in TLV with multiple locations. Their crepes are also available as delivery straight to your door via Wolt. They have dairy, meat, and vegan options but are most definitely not kosher. 

All of their savory crepes are gluten free and they do a good job of fighting cross contamination, just be sure to tell them if you’re super sensitive like me. They can also make you a sweet crepe using the savory batter so its gluten free. 

I love the “sabich like” crepe that is filled with potatoes, eggplant, labaneh or Tachina, lemon and leafy greens. It is both unbelievably tasty and extremely filling. 

The crepes range in prices from 18 shekel to 46 shekel. 

#tldr Go for the gluten free crepes, but don’t expect the best service!