Free 2 Eat – TLV- Kosher

Gluten free street food spot that isn’t ridiculously expensive, is kosher, offers meat and vegan options, doubles as a pub, and is centrally located? 


I went with two friends and we ordered the works: Vegan Arias (my first time EVER trying them), Vegan Schnitzel on Challah, Cesar Salad with Tofu, Onion Rings, Fried Cauliflower, Fries, and of course Churros!

My favorite thing we got was the onion rings which have always been my favorite side dish.

I thought that all of the food was decent but nothing was WOW. They are quite new and I expect things will continue to get better with time.

I only tried the vegetarian and vegan options, as I am a vegetarian, but word on the street is that the meat dishes are delicious.

Overall, my opinion is that it is definitely worth a stop and I highly recommend supporting them now so that they can continue to get better. The owner came and asked for feedback which is always a good sign in. His goal is to open more branches and help bring down the cost of gluten free food in Israel, which is generally astronomical! 

I totally enjoyed the meal and especially liked that its just steps from Shuk HaCarmel where I frequent for work, making it super convenient. There is no better feeling than going somewhere and getting to choose from an entire menu because everything is safe.

If you go DO NOT skip out on the churros, I don’t even like churros and I LOVED these. 

Follow them on Instagram from information about fun upcoming events like karaoke night.

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