LeLo- Kikar HaMedina

LeLo- Kikar HaMedina

100% Gluten Free

Not Kosher- Sells certified Kosher baked goods. Kosher snif in Afeka.

Talk about a celiac’s dream cafe- LeLo is one of the first 100% gluten free places in central Tel Aviv. Unlike many of the other gluten free spots in town, LeLo is not a health foods joint. Instead, LeLo is a traditional cafe serving up the classic options like sandwiches, pastas, focaccia, bourekas and more- just gluten free.

My first trip to LeLo was just days after they had opened in July of 2019. We sat down with the owner, Ronen, and learned that he has an extensive background in the food scene. While he isn’t interested in hearing that he is better than other gluten free cafes- he is. His dream is to give people with gluten allergies a positive dining experience and he is succeeding.

I have tried much of his menu and have yet to find something I didn’t love- well, except for the sufganiyot but I don’t like donuts to begin with! Located just 10 minutes walk from the Savidor train/ bus station, it is a great option for those traveling to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem. Read more about gluten free Tel Aviv here!