Mela Goods

Oh how I truly wish I could give this place a perfect 5/5 stars…. but they have one fatal flaw- no way to heat up gluten free sandwiches that is safe for celiacs. If they got a panini press for their gluten free sandwiches or even a pan and small cooktop, I would give them a 20/5.

Alas, they are still an incredible incredible option! I had the best gluten free sandwich of my life at Mela Goods. It was cherry tef bread, with Camembert cheese, arugula, pecans, and maple syrup. HEAVEN.

And don’t get me started with their vegan gluten free brownie. It was actually the best brownie I have had in my life- fudgey, sweet, and packed with chocolate. 

Go early and go hungry- make sure to grab an iced chai as well while you’re there.

Not Kosher, Vegetarian, Located in the Old North of Tel Aviv