Meshek Barzilay

100% Vegan, the Deli has Tzohar Kashrut

Sometimes you eat a meal and you think to yourself, “there is no f***ing way that was gluten free and vegan.” That’s what it is like eating at Meshek- and even better yet- they have 100% gluten free cooking workshops!

When I went to Meshek for the first time, it was for their “Secrets of Meshek: Gluten Free” workshops. We were set up at an intimate table of about 12 people which was already filled with freshly brewed teas and coffee. Over the next 2+ hours we learned for their head chefs the secrets behind their famous crackers, spreads, quiche, mousse and more. I really enjoyed listening to the chefs talk as they offered tips throughout the class which I now use on a daily basis. The best part of the workshop? Taking home a recipe book afterwards to recreate it all at home.

After the workshop, I quickly returned for their infamous Friday brunch and it did not disappoint. Three of us split the Meshek Morning and the Brunch for Two. Our table was overflowing with food and drinks. For about 80 shekels a piece we had gluten free bread, salads, vegan omelettes, cauliflower shakshuka, coffee, and cocktails. Their Tef flour bread is incredible, it’s served toasted which makes it the perfect crispy vessel for scooping all the vegan cheeses and dips.

Meshek also has a deli with tons of great take-away options and nice vibes but beware- I got charged 100 shekel for a tiny box of jackfruit. The pecan maple cake though is a 10/10.

Meals range from around 50 shekel upwards. The gluten free workshop is offered for only 280 shekel and includes a full meal afterwards. Most other GF workshops I’ve seen have been upwards of 300 shekel.

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Located in Neve Tzedek off Rothschild Blvd.

Gluten Free Options:

Vegan Cheese Dips
Indian Dishes
Italian Dishes
Vegan Shakshuka
Vegan Omelettes
Leek Patties
and more!