Savory Recipes

There is nothing I love more than a warm bowl of curry, a fun rice paper creation, or cheesy pasta.

Two corn tortillas with red sauce and poached eggs.

Shakshuka Tacos

Or Shakshuco if you will! A perfect blend of Shakshuka and Huevos Rancheros- these are my new breakfast go to! ...
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Homemade Labneh

Looking to make a cheese from scratch but don't know where to start? Bought greek or goat yogurt you don't ...
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Charred Balsamic Cabbage

I recently posted a video of charred balsamic cabbage on my Instagram story and people went crazy! I got at ...
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Gluten Free Sweet Potato Gnocchi

I don't know about you, but for me gnocchi have been a staple during Passover since I was a kid ...
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Crispy Eggplant (Gluten Free)

Crispy eggplant, zucchini, and cauliflower were a staple in my house growing up! We loved using breadcrumbs and parmesan to ...
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Rice Paper Samosas

I have to preface this recipe by saying that my best friend is from England and is very particular about ...
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Creamy Sweet Potato “Mac and Cheese”

This is my roommates favorite thing I make! It’s super simple, quick, and delicious. The creamy sweet potato pasta sauce ...
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Low Carb Gluten Free Rice Paper Spanakopita

Traditionally, spanakopita is a delicious, flakey, cheesy Greek spinach pie! My aunt used to make it for our family holiday ...
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Basic Curry How-To

Okay, so I'm calling this a recipe.. but its going to be a bit more like a loose guide because ...
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Vegan Gluten Free Red Bean Paste Buns

My love for red bean paste buns date back to a long long time ago and inspired me to give ...
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Savory Gluten Free Hamantaschen

I love Hamantaschen, but sometimes the same three fillings get boring! Impress your friends and mix it up with these ...
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Crispy rice paper stuffed with potatoes and cheese on a pink plate.

Rice Paper Bourekas

If you have ever made summer rolls before and know how to work with rice paper, this is going to ...
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