Rice Paper Samosas

Rice Paper Samosas

I have to preface this recipe by saying that my best friend is from England and is very particular about her Indian food. She tried these and immediately looked at me and says, “Holy fuck. This is the best thing you have ever made.”


4-5 small potatoes roughly chopped and boiled

1 tbsp Namaste Vindaloo Curry Paste

Square rice paper

Salt to taste

Oil for frying

*optional, you could also add peas!


1. Smash the boiled potatoes using a masher until they are a rough mash but not totally creamy.

2. Add in the curry paste and mix until combined.

3. Turn on the stove and heat oil (enough to cover the bottom) in a pan.

4. Boil water or heat it up in a kumkum and pour it into a large shallow dish for dipping the rice paper.

5. Dip one sheet of rice paper into the water until it’s just soft enough to fold.

6. Fold the rice paper into a triangle and then scoop a small spoon full of filling into the middle.

7. Fold the rice paper again to make a small triangle and make sure the edges are sealed by pressing the down.

8. Place the samosa into the oil and while it frys repeat steps 5-7.

9. After 2 minutes flip the samosa and continue to cook until both sides are good brown.

Best eaten hot but also possible to pop in the oven for a few minutes to recrisp.

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