The Best 100% Gluten Free Bakeries in Israel by Location

The Best 100% Gluten Free Bakeries in Israel by Location

Finding the closest gluten free bakery to you can be a challenge! Google isn’t always reliable and the disappointment of ending up somewhere that went out of business or offers one measly gluten free baked good that isn’t even celiac safe is really real. Instead of searching endlessly, I have compiled a list just for you of all of my favorite gluten free bakeries in Israel that you can find gluten free breads, pastries, and more at.


Judith’s Bakery, Shuk Machne Yehudah, Kosher Mehadrin

Judith’s daughter went gluten free over a year ago and since then they have been experimenting at home with creating gluten free breads and treats. As the owners of @patata_shuk, they took over the space next door and are now making delicious gluten free baked goods. Judith mainly works by order and you can message her via instagram or WhatsApp for the menu and to order! She also (almost) always has a small selection of delicious treats at the bakery, especially before the weekend. I loved her bagel and am excited to continue to see this bakery grow and expand! She’s got killer breads which are starting to be served at restaurants in the area. Everything is kosher mehadrin.

Gluless, Multiple Locations, Kosher

Opened by the father of a celiac, Gluless has multiple located across Jerusalem including the most central in the open part of Shuk Machne Yehudah. They make their own breads, sambusek, and more as well as sell a large range of gluten free packaged and frozen items. They are one of the few places to find hamotzei challah ready made in Israel although I do find them to be on the more expensive side. For more gluten free options in the Shuk, click here!

Kazze, Betzalel Street, Kosher Tzohar

What is there to say about Kazze other than it is truly the best kosher gluten free restaurant in Israel, in my unbiased opinion, I mean… they only catered my wedding! Kazze is an Italian cafe and wine bar located in the heart of Jerusalem with delicious pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and salads. They also sell a selection of baked goods, breads, and their own homemade dips and spreads. The owner Itai opened the cafe for his wife who is gluten free and struggled to find a great place to go out for a nice meal in Jerusalem. Talk about if he wanted to he would…
Amit Barkat, Talpiot, Kosher

Amit Barkat is a professionally trained pastry chef who offers premium desserts, cakes, cookies and more. I would consider her pastry shop to be on the fancier side and great for those looking for a beautiful treat to gift a host or looking for eclairs. She is one of the only places I have found that has gluten free eclairs made to order and she also has a selection of prepackaged cookies that are great for giving.

Tel Aviv

Amit Barkat, Sarona Market, Kosher

Nearly identical to the location mentioned above, this location is just slightly smaller but quite convenient.

Blikemah, Ramat HaChayal, Kosher

The flagship location of Blikemah was a revolutionary addition to the Israeli gluten free scene when it opened years ago. Probably the most well known kosher gluten free bakery in Israel, Blikemah has created a strong name for itself amongst Israeli celiacs. They are best known for their breads and pastries but also sell pizza, packaged goods, and seasonal specials like sufganiyot (including some savory donuts!) and hamantaschen.
Gluteria, Ramat Aviv

Once a yearly pop-up that every celiac in Israel impatiently waited for, Gluteria is now a proper restaurant with many die hard fans. While Gluteria is known for their phenomenal pizzas, they also have a small selection of amazing baked goods like breads, the most decadent cinnamon roll and a delicious spinach and feta pastry. They do serve dairy and meat so if you keep kosher it is sadly not for you. You can find many of their products made in a kosher facility at places like Kazze, Guluten, and other gluten free shops.

For more gluten free option in Tel Aviv, check out this post!

Central Israel

Pinukitchen, Nes Tziona

This shop and mini cafe is a great option not too far from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv! Pinukitchen imports some of the best products from abroad like gluten free Oreos and also offer a wide selection of fresh pastries. At their cafe you can have a bite to eat before you shop because we all know shopping on an empty stomach is dangerous. I love getting a croissant sandwich and my husband almost always gets their pizza. You can also order from their online delivery service to get your gluten free products restocked without leaving the house.

Guluten, Even Yehudah and Harish

Guluten, owned by a member of the celiac community named Gal, is a wonderful supermarket that is 100% gluten free. She brings together all of the best gluten free products in Israel in one spot and she has a super user friendly online site that offers delivery and is available on Wolt as well!

BreadBerry, Or Yehudah, Kosher

BreadBerry is a gluten free bakery and cafe offering a kosher dairy menu in their sit down cafe as well as a shop of gluten free products and baked goods. I have yet to visit but if you are in the center, the owner Avner is a truly lovely human and I would recommend checking BreadBerry out.

Yaniv Tzemah, Petah Tikvah, Kosher

This bakery is sort of like massive gluten free bread storage room and while it may seem a little sketchy walking into this random industrial building, I was super impressed with the wide selection of really unique items that Tzemah had. Everything was super fresh and they had a few different cheesy pastries with greens like spinach in them which are my absolute favorite. We have also become huge fans of his sliced garlic sandwich bread. Be prepared to leave with a huge basket of things to try but don’t worry, as far as gluten free baked goods go he is one of the most fairly priced places I have found.

** only open on Thursday and Friday and go early so they don’t sell out!

Pardes Hana


Newer to the scene, HaDuchan is a pop up bakery that has coffee cart vibes and is tucked behind an apartment complex in Pardes Hana. They aren’t open regularly so you can’t just show up and shop, but if you catch her open I recommend a stop! We really enjoyed her savory onion jam pastry and the Turkish boureka. Check Instagram for her weekly openings.
Blikemah HaMoshava, Kosher

A smaller version of the Tel Aviv bakery, this location of Blikemah offers a selection of their freshly made products ranging from breads to croissants and cinnamon rolls. There is limited seating and its located in an industrial part of town so it isn’t exactly the aesthetic day out atmosphere but it is a nice place to stop for something to go or to stock up on essentials.

Haifa District

Gluten Free Bakery, Kosher

This bakery is a true gem and easily overlooked spot! They are located just by the outlet mall on the outskirts of Haifa towards the Krayot and it’s a bit tucked away so it can be tricky to find. The bakery does not have seating or offer coffee but they do have by far one of the widest selections of baked goods and doughs in Israel. They sell everything in fresh and frozen versions, I love taking their frozen pizza base and yeast dough home to pull out as needed from the freezer. They also have cakes (perfect for birthdays), crackers, a variety of breads, and the best almond croissant of them all.

Boker is one of the highest quality gluten free bakeries in Israel in my opinion. They had the most unique selection of gluten free pastries I have seen and I really loved the many nostalgic items like cinnamon rolls and lemon loaf which just remind me of baking with my family on Sunday mornings as a kid.

Our favorite thing we tried by far was the eggplant and onion jam pastry which was so flavorful and really special. Their coffee is also from a local Haifa roaster which I love and they offer a curated selection of boutique local items. I highly recommend getting there early as things will sell out. They are only open on Friday and Saturday from 8am to 2pm.
Happy Gluti, Hadera

Happy Gluti is a 100% gluten free mini market in Hadera which sells products from dozens of different brands like the well know Schar and Gullon as well as lesser known smaller brands. The store sells non kosher certified products as well allowing it to offer a much wider range than the typical Israeli supermarket. Sarit, the owner of Happy Gluti, is engaged to a celiac and also makes her own line of baked goods including krembos in the winter and sufganiyot during Hanukkah.

Northern Israel

Tupelo Honey, Tarshiha

Personally, I have not made it north to try out Tupelo Honey myself, but I have heard rave reviews from those that I know that have visited. It is a boutique gluten free bakery that is owned by olim and serves a mix of American classics and Israeli staples. They have a full sit down menu as well as a selection of grab and go pastries. They are open Tuesday- Saturday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.
Elements Cafe, Tzfat, Kosher

While not truly a bakery, I felt it was worth including Elements as they are one of the few gluten free and celiac safe options in the city of Tzfat. I have been a few times and truly love the atmosphere of the cafe as well as the food. The owner is such a mensch and goes above and beyond for his customers. I recommend asking the staff to pick for you and don’t skip out on the homemade coconut ice cream!
Caramel, Akko

This bakery was the first place I ever tried Knafe! They are known in the celiac community for having delicious and beautiful pastries including traditional middles eastern treats. Caramel also makes made to order cakes for birthdays and has a small selection of gluten free packaged goods for sale.
Lou Lou Bakery, Isfiya

Lou Lou is a gluten free and sugar free bakery located in a Druze village just south of Haifa outside of Yokneam. She sells celiac, keto, diabetic friendly treats including the most delicious almond flour bourekas for around 9 shekels a piece with unique fillings like zahatar and dill! Lou Lou is a Christian Arab from a complex family with many different medical needs and created the bakery to be able to accommodate all the diets in her family. The bakery is not kosher because it is open on Shabbat but it is dairy only.


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