The Best of Gluten Free Madrid

The Best of Gluten Free Madrid

While I preferred the sites and culture of Southern Spain, Madrid was a city unlike any other for gluten free eats and bakeries! I truly felt like every corner I turned, I stumbled upon another gluten free watery. From churros to eclairs, avocado toast to croquetas and fresh bread- Madrid did not disappoint. 

Celicioso, 100% Gluten Free

With more than one location around town and beyond, Celicioso is wonderful option for celiacs as well as diabetics! They are 100% gluten free, use sugar alternatives, and make amazing desserts! My diabetic dad and I split the Avocado toast, carrot cupcake, and a chocolate cake. We enjoyed it so much I went back again to their location on the roof of El Corte Ingles on Gran Via for a poke bowl and the white chocolate macademia nut cookie. It’s worth visiting the food court of El Corte Ingles just for the view!

La Oriental, 100% Gluten Free

Easily the best gluten free pastry I have ever had. We luckily stumbled upon this wonderful bakery one afternoon and decided to go in. La Oriental has two bakeries side by side one which reads SIN GLUTEN and the other CON GLUTEN. Unfortunately, I only grabbed one eclair to go and didn’t realize how good it was until I got home! Otherwise I would have bought one of everything. They had dozens of pastries, cookies, empanadas, and more.

Maestro Churros

Maestro Churros has 2 locations in Madrid, both offering gluten free churros and chocolate, making it very convenient. Personally, I felt they were dry and tasteless but I personally don’t love Churros. You can also visit San Gines ( the iconic churro place which I’ve heard is amazing but unfortunately didn’t have time to visit!

Solo de Croquetas, 100% Gluten Free

What can I say other than WOW! We stopped by for a pre-lunch snack but ended up eating enough Croquetas we were stuffed until dinner. We tried 4 different types with the overall favorite being the (gf) Oreo! They have a great vibe. It’s a little bit of a hole in the wall on a quiet side street just minutes from the center. Go on one of your first days and if you’re lucky like I was they will give you coupons to come back for free Croquetas!

Murillo Cafe 

A wonderful find just steps from the Prado! Over half of Murillo’s menu was labeled gluten free including their homemade plantain chips. They were very serious about allergies and super knowledgable. It is a bit on the expensive side but makes for a great dinner before the free entry hours to the Prado. It was gorgeous inside with a great wine menu and wonderful vibes. I recommend you spend your money on dinner there and save money on the museum- just get in line early because it gets long fast! (Free entry is weekdays from 18:00-20:00)


When your favorite chef tells you somewhere is their favorite gelato in the world, you go. And it did not disappoint! Rocambolsec is delicious, high quality gelato and they have multiple locations around town including inside Mercado San Miguel. They serve it through a soft serve machine making it both soft and safe to eat as you know that gluten covered serving spoons aren’t being dipped in the vat!


Located right off Grand Via- Wowble has gluten free bubble tea! Their menu is clearly labeled, the staff was knowledgable, and most importantly- the bubble tea was great.

La Magdalena de Proust

Best. Gluten. Free. Bread. in. Spain. I happened to be there the first day they were selling gluten free bread as they had just just just gotten their dedicated gluten free oven. I brought a loaf home and it reminded me of seeded breads from my pre-celiac days. It was light, held up when I put things on top of it, and was delicious! I can only imagine things have gotten even better since I visited.

Cafe Run Run Run

A cute cafe located on the outskirts of downtown and super aesthetic for insta. Run Run Run happened to be on our walk into town and my mom and I stumbled into it thinking it was a running store. To our surprise, it was a cute cafe serving brunchy items and homemade kombucha. I had an amazing latte, kombucha of course, and a frittata. My mom went for their non gluten free baked goods but they also had packaged cookies which were gluten free.

Carrefour, Grocery Store

Not a restaurant but a wonderful grocery store with chains all across Spain. I didn’t find that it was often well organized but I found and endless stream of gluten free snacks, croissants, pastas, flours, and more on every isle. I also recommend Aldi and Lidl.

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I'm Jazzie, a 20 something wannabe globetrotter with Celiac Disease. Living in Israel and navigating being gluten free is no easy task, so I created TheIsraelBites to provide English speakers with information about surviving Celiac Disease in the Middle East.

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