The Ultimate Places to Get Coffee in Jerusalem- A complete list!

The Ultimate Places to Get Coffee in Jerusalem- A complete list!

There is an abundance of coffee shops across Jerusalem and it can be easy to get lost trying to decide where to go! To help, I’ve compiled a list of what I believe to be the top places for coffee in Jerusalem. Having lived in Jerusalem for over seven years and worked from coffee shops for the majority of that time, I truly think that if you appreciate a good cup of Joe, these are the places to go. But whatever you do, please just don’t go to Aroma or Cofix! There are so many local, non chain coffee shops to support that will be cheaper and better quality than getting a fast food chain coffee.

Roasters, Three Locations Across Jerusalem

While Roasters has many locations across Israel, including three in Jerusalem, my favorite location is inside the Betzalel Art Academy which is just behind Jerusalem’s City Hall.

This branch of Roasters which opened in the summer of 2023 is PERFECT for those of us that work from home but prefer to work outside of the home. It gives major cafeteria vibes but upscale and super fun. And the coffee is most def not cafeteria coffee. Roasters roasts all its own beans in house and they even have FILTER COFFEE which is my favorite and not very popular in Israel. The best part of this cafe specifically though is its massive porch with a panoramic view of Jerusalem.

They have a wide range of grab and go items like pastries, sandwiches, and salads (including gluten free sandwich options! All the gluten free sandwiches are made to order and celiac safe!)

They also developed a fun evening menu for those that want to enjoy the sunset on their porch with an aperitif or glass of local wine. The cafe is located inside the Betzalel Academy building but is open to the public and there is tons of space to sit and work, wifi, and air conditioning.

Metaphora, Yafo Street

When I am in the mood for a warm hug, Metaphora is my coffee shop of choice. Owners Yifat and Amit (mother and son) are truly wonderful human beings and make every customer feel like family. From writing my masters thesis to opening my business, I have experienced so many major life moments surrounded by the comfort and compassion of this family. They are also the only coffee shop that I know of in Jerusalem that offers a Freddo.

The shop is lined with art and the tables are made of chalkboard so you can doodle what you sip a delicious cup of coffee made with Mae beans. They also offer sandwiches, pastries, and a delicious yogurt bowl. It can be a little tricky to find just turn down the alleyway with the used bookstore off Yafo and keep walking and you’ll find it.

Shuk Kaffe, Machne Yehudah Market

If you like to have a wide selection of fresh roasted beans to choose from, Shuk Kaffe is just the place. Located inside the market in Jerusalem, they are easy to find- just follow the smell of roasting beans. They have bags to take home but also a small counter where you can order a cup togo to take with you while you shop. I recommend the affogato made with soft serve ice cream!

Liba Cafe, Shatz

Run by husband and wife, Elisheva and Yonaton, Liba is an amazing addition to Jerusalem’s coffee scene. Each coffee comes with a double shot which was music to my ears when I asked for a strong coffee.

With years of experience as a chef in Tel Aviv, Yonaton trained his little brother to make all of their delicious goodies (except the croissants which come in from FRANCE) from scratch. The atomsphere is the perfect blend between trendy and homey. They have two levels including indoor and outdoor seating, outlets, quality bathrooms (important IMO), and sell their beautiful espresso cups to take home.


What started as a tiny coffee shop tucked behind a bus stop on Aza street in Jerusalem has turned into the stomping grounds for local students and commuters alike. The demand was so high, owner Ido Emanuel had to open a second location just across the street to handle the crowds. Sybaris offers a major improvement on the coffee selection that was available in the neighborhood as it is the only specialty coffee shop in the area.

David Laor

Located in the playground Gan Gideon in Baka, David Laor (a well known pastry chef) brought his pastry shop to Jerusalem in this cute little kiosk. A big step up from the snack stand that was there, David Laor has exquisite pastries, croissant sandwiches, brioche, and baguettes. They also have one of my favorite affogatos in the whole of Israel. Everything is brought fresh each morning from their main shop in Mevaseret Zion, just outside of Jerusalem, but be sure to go early as they often sell out.

Birma Coffee, Emek Refaim

Birma Coffee was opened by two brothers who are carrying on their family legacy of owning a coffee shop as their grandfather owned a renowned coffee shop in Iraq. They have delicious coffee, pastries, coffee accessories and super friendly service. They also have cold brew on tap! I personally love to go for a hot latte and leave with a couple bottles of their cold brew concentrate to extend the experience at home.

Their seating lines a quiet alleyway beside the shop and allows for great people and dog watching.

When you check them out be sure to get a punch card because you’ll definitely keep going back.

The Rova Coffee House, Old City

Where once the only option for coffee in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City was cheap Cofix sludge, now there is a specialty coffee shop that is truly a welcome addition to the area. After all the walking to get to the main plaza of the Old City, Rova Coffee is a great place to stop for a small treat and a really quality cup of coffee.

La Pâtisserie ABU SEIR, Old City

If you are entering the Old City through the New Gate, you must stop by Abu Seir for a little something sweet and a cup of coffee. This family run spot is known across Jerusalem for its amazing pastries and friendly staff. They chef is quite talkative and know for coming around to talk to customers and his pastries are truly works of art.


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