Three Jerusalem Nonprofits That Need Your Help

Three Jerusalem Nonprofits That Need Your Help

In this time of great uncertainty, I have been incredibly moved by the kindness I have seen. There are constantly new posts on social media asking how one can help and which organizations are suffering financially due to the pandemic. For this reason, I have put together a list of 3 Jerusalem nonprofits that need your help during this time.

Whether you can donate to the cause financially, offer time as a volunteer, or simply share the program on your social media, you can help these programs weather this difficult situation.

*I chose to write about these three organizations as I have a personal connection to each of these nonprofits. I know there are many many more organizations that are worthy of support. I encourage everyone to choose to support a program that they connect to.

Yad LaKashish- Lifeline for the Old

For nearly 60 years, Yad LaKashish has been supporting Jerusalem’s low income elderly through meaningful work opportunities and essential financial benefits. Yad LaKashish is made up of 10 artisan workshops where nearly 300 elderly come to “work” everyday. Each artisan is given financial support including a monthly stipend, hot lunch, and bus pass. If you have ever been on an organized trip to Israel, you just might have visited the workshops to see this unique program in action.

Currently, the program is unable to operate and the gift shop has been closed. The store generates nearly 30% of the nonprofits budget and its closure has thus impacted their financial stability. However, Yad LaKashish is dedicated to their 270 elderly participants (most of whom immigrants and Holocaust survivors) and will continue to support the financially throughout this pandemic. Additionally, there are over 60 volunteers calling the elderly to check in throughout the week. Be in touch with if you might be able to help!

I have worked for this organization for the last 2 years. I have seen first hand just how life changing these services are for the elderly. If you can, please consider donating to help provide financial security to low income elderly in Jerusalem. Alternatively, you can also shop online. All proceeds from the store are reinvested in the organization.

JACC- Jerusalem African Community Center

Now more than ever the Jerusalem African Community Center needs your help. While many of us are currently out of work and receiving unemployment benefits, asylum seekers who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic do not know when or if their next paycheck will come. The majority of asylum-seekers in Jerusalem have already lost their jobs due to business closures. There is a growing concern that their lack of basic welfare rights will lead to a severe humanitarian crisis almost immediately.

The JACC is running an emergency campaign to help asylum seekers cover their basic needs like food and rent.

Shutaf- Inclusion Programs for Teens

Shutaf is a program that holds a spot near and dear to my heart. This beautiful nonprofit was started by two mothers of children with special needs. Shutaf offer summer camp opportunities for Jerusalem’s teens and young adults with special needs. Additionally, they also have programming throughout the year like clubs and leadership trainings. I spent a year volunteering at their weekly cooking club and helped with their inclusion training course for Israelis going to American summer camps. It was easily the most special parts of my first year as an olah.

Due to the virus, Shutaf can no longer hold their courses. However, they continue to offer support and encouragement to their participants and their families. They are working tirelessly to cover the costs of rent and utilities for their space but need help to stay afloat. Donate to their JGive here.

Looking for small businesses to support during this time? Check out this list of places you can order from!

Interested in other nonprofits in need of help? My girl Amy, aka TheAsianIsraeli, made a list!


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