#BasicBitch Essentials and Instagramable Eats in Israel

#BasicBitch Essentials and Instagramable Eats in Israel

We all love trendy food and while America And Australia are total hubS for Instagramable eats, Israel isn’t too far behind! So, where can you find the most photogenic bites to curb your #basicbitch cravings?

Here are my top picks:


If you’re in Tel Aviv – check out Cafe Levinsky for an interesting, one of a kind Kombucha experience! They serve homemade Kombucha with all kinds of plants and fruit and in the cup. You even get to sit in the bed of an old truck while you drink it. (Update: The iconic truck has been removed.)

Avocado Toast

Urban Shaman, Tel Aviv

100% Gluten Free, Urban Shaman is a hip, healthy cafe in the center of Tel Aviv. Almost everything they make is instagram worthy and their Avocado Toast is sure to secure at least a few likes. They also have fresh pressed juices and an infrared sauna.

Citizen Garden, Tel Aviv

Another great option for toast (and insta worthy drinks) is Citizen Garden. They have a fun little garden located behind the cafe which makes for the perfect backdrop for photos. I love sitting back there as it feels like a little oasis in the bustling city.

Coffee Goals

Power Coffeeworks, Jerusalem

There’s a reason Starbucks didn’t make it in Israel, Israeli coffee is better. When it comes specifically to frozen coffee drinks- Power Coffeeworks is the place to go! Whether you’re the sugary ice cream based type or looking for a lighter version of blended ice and soy milk they’ve got you covered. They are also the #environmentallyfriendly trend with reusable straws.

Frose All Day

Hatch Brewery, Machane Yehuda

Maybe the most basic of all the alcoholic drinks, Frozen Rose Wine from Hatch Brewery is mixed with fresh fruit and served in a shareable size. It is the perfect Saturday night treat; grab a gal pal (or home boy) and take a cute lady and the tramp style photo like this one:


Cafe Kadosh, Jerusalem


Cafe Kadosh is the most sought after Brunch spot in Jerusalem. While their instagram mostly features their pastries, Kadosh has much more than just delicious desserts. (and yes, the one featured above is gluten free!!) On Friday mornings you’re unlikely to find a wait there shorter than 2 hours, but it’s worth it. Delicious pastries, top notch egg dishes, and strong coffee- what more could you want?

Cafe Nadi, Jerusalem

With their new and improved location on Hillel St., Cafe Nadi is more instagramable than ever! Their Israeli Breakfast spreads come with over a dozen spreads, fresh bread, eggs, a hot drink, and a cold drink. It will easily fill up the table and spill over onto any empty space you can find to put things down. Not only delicious, this massive spread makes for a great shot! Check out my full review of the cafe!

Sushi Donuts

Nini Hatchi, Tel Aviv

A trend I donut fully understand but had to try- Nini Hatchi in Tel Aviv (and many other spots specifically around Hanukkah) serves up delicious sushi in the perfect date night environment. Check out how cute this sushi donut is, definitely tops the Instagramable eats in Israel chart!

Açaí bowls

Etrog Man, Shuk Machane Yehuda and Shuk HaCarmel

Açaí served in soft serve form and covered in fresh fruit, silan, and tachina- what more could you want? For just 29 shekel it’s a great afternoon snack or light meal. As both locations are located inside local markets, açaí bowls from The Etrog Man are the perfect photo-op.

In Tel Aviv, my favorite acai (and froyo) is Tamara Yogurt. With several locations around the city it’s always nearby and is never less than amazing!

And there you have it, the best spaces to unleash your inner #basicbitch.

Happy foodstagramming!


I'm Jazzie, a 20 something wannabe globetrotter with Celiac Disease. Living in Israel and navigating being gluten free is no easy task, so I created TheIsraelBites to provide English speakers with information about surviving Celiac Disease in the Middle East.

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