Where to take your Gluten Free Girl Friend in Jerusalem?

Where to take your Gluten Free Girl Friend in Jerusalem?

Aka your GF GF.

No, that is not a typo. GF GF is my fun little acronym for “Gluten Free Girl Friend.” I am superrrrr single so I thought I would put all my romantic energy into helping those lucky couples find the best date ideas, fit for their gluten free partner.

  1. Picnic in San Simon

Head over to Cafe Michaela (not to be confused with their brother restaurant Cafe Michael) and grab a delicious meal to go. In addition to some wonderful and unique options on the menu, they also have a little shop which feature GF cookies, bread, specialty chocolates and other treats. You can take your food and a blanket to San Simon Park which is just a few minutes away and generally much quieter and more serene than Gan Sacher.

2. Food Crawl in City Center

Looking for a fun and special Thursday night out with your love? Underratedly, the area around City Hall has a some really great GF options.

Stop #1: Start your night at Taco’s Luis with a delicious Margarita. Ask if the fryer is clean and if it is, grab a bag of chips and fresh guac to go with it!
Stop #2: Next, journey towards the city hall light rail stop and grab fresh made chips from Chips Mamilla for an appetizer.
Stop #3: Head to the new Nadi location on Hillel and split their delicious Green Shakshuka or one of their yummy salads.
Stop #4: Finish the night back on Shlomtzion haMalcha at Cafe Kadosh. They are known for their desserts and lucky for us GF humans, they have INSANE giant homemade macarons stuffed with fresh whipped cream and a few other treats.

Still hungry? Need another drink? There are a few options nearby. You can head over to T’mol Shilshom and grab a drink and sink into one of their comfy chairs to digest everything you just ate. Alternatively, if you want to dance, you can hit The Sira Pub for a great time!

3. Enjoy an evening at Kikar HaMusica

Piccolino is a wonderful option for a delicious dairy dinner with plenty of options for GF folk. After dinner, enjoy live music and a drink from Andalucia Cocktail Bar! I love their Dulceina which is light and fruity (plus insta worthy presentation.)

4. Sunset at The Windmill

There is nothing quite like watching the sunset over all of Jerusalem. The Windmill in Mishkenot Sha’ananim houses the tasting room for Jerusalem Vineyard Wineries. While their tasting is not the best I’ve experienced, you can order a bottle of wine and enjoy it as the sun goes down before heading to dinner at the Tachna Rishona, on Emek, or in town.

5. Cohen’s Deli

If you want a delicious early evening munch before heading to meet friends, see a concert, or do whatever it is you do, Cohen’s Deli is the place. With multiple locations, you can probably find one conveniently located to wherever you are headed. Their cheese plate is reasonably priced for the amount of food you receive and they have a great bottle of Malbec for only 80 shekel, which is the price of 2 glasses of decent wine at most bars. The cheese plate comes with an amazing salad and paired with the cheese it is enough to fill you up even without bread, although I would say you should BYOB because bread and cheese is the best.

6. The Triple Threat

Want to have the best hummus, best gf falafel, and best potatoes to pair it with? Here’s the deal- Head to Arbes on Shiloh off Agrippas and pick up a box of their INSANE garlic lemon fries, then pop over to Beit Ya’akov street to grab GF falafel from Moolah, finally hit Hummus Shel Tachina on Nisim Bachar for a big bowl of their delicious hummus. .The rest of the night is up to you. You could take your now ready dinner and walk down the hill to enjoy a delicious meal at Gan Sacher or bring it home to cuddle on the couch with a movie. Either way you will be living the dream.

Whichever date you choose, I hope it’s a good one! At least one of us should have a successful love life.

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I'm Jazzie, a 20 something wannabe globetrotter with Celiac Disease. Living in Israel and navigating being gluten free is no easy task, so I created TheIsraelBites to provide English speakers with information about surviving Celiac Disease in the Middle East.

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